Helps children form a basis for processing more complex tasks and learning processes throughout the rest of their life.
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Whole Child-Approach

Our program focuses on all the facets of developing a well-rounded child inside and outside of the classroom.

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Small Class Sizes

Our ratios are significantly lower than national standards so that we can achieve a higher standard of care.

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Why our school is the right fit for your child?

Baby House is leading the way in early childcare multi-language education. Introducing children to a second language as they are immersed in the worlds number two language, Spanish. While they are learning through meaningful play-based experiences on topics from their everyday lives. We’ve adopted a whole-child approach to learning that not only focuses on building your child’s understanding and use of Spanish as a second language, but also emphasizes the importance of character, confidence, creativity, and critical-thinking skills.

Spanish class in Smyrna, GA

Investigation, discovery, and play - is still learning.

Critical-Thinking Skills

Are linked to academic achievement, productivity, positive health indicators, and civic participation.


Our curriculum encourages the growth of students' social-emotional skills.


Reinforcing good character traits helps students in the classroom and the real-world.

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"Learning a new language can take you abroad. Self-confidence and good character can take you anywhere."

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