Vision & Mission






We celebrate diversity and inclusion by preparing children to be well-rounded, multilingual individuals who exhibit great Character, Confidence, Creativity, and Critical-Thinking Skills  (4 c’s)

At Baby House, infrants are:

  • Introduced to bilingualism/multilingualism and diverse cultures in order to broaden their sense of cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity 
  • Encouraged to engage in social and civic activities to supplement classroom instruction and reinforce the 4 C’s.
  • Provided a world-class education that focuses on the “whole-child” rather than solely academic ability.

Our Program

Baby House infants are immersed in Spanish language and learning through meaningful play-based experiences on topics from their everyday lives. We’ve adopted a whole-child approach to learning that not only focuses on building your child’s understanding and use of Spanish as a second language, but also emphasizes the importance of character, confidence, creativity, and critical-thinking skills.

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